Firetruck Painting

To go along with Trevor’s new interest in firefighting I created another fun activity for him to do.  It is a great sensory experience and fine motor skill builder too 🙂

I taped some white easel paper to his tray and set out some paints, shaving cream, a spray bottle filled with water, and 3 fire truck toys.  After he sat down I poured some red, yellow, and orange paint onto the paper for the “fire” and then sprayed shaving cream on it for the “smoke”.  Then he vroomed his fire trucks through the fire and smoke to save the day!  I also gave him a spray bottle filled with water to use as his “fire hose” so that he could fight the fires!  He had a blast spraying his trucks and the paper (and the wall, they tray, himself, and almost his baby sister – note to self:  supervise kids with spray bottles closely, lol).  I was so proud that he finally has the hand strength to use a spray bottle and he had so much fun fighting a fire!  It was cool for him to see the shaving cream melt away when it was sprayed with the water.  He wanted more and more shaving cream on his trucks and was a big mess by the time we finished.  Definitely a successful sensory experience!


The paper was pretty soaked by the time he was done.  I was just going to throw it out (since this is definitely more of a process over product kind of project), but I decided to blot the paper and soak up some of the water.  Then I cut another piece of paper off his easel roll and smoothed it on top of the other piece.  It created a cool, pale, marbled effect on the paper and turned out pretty neat.  The soaked paper on the tray was then just thrown away.

I hope all of your little firefighters enjoy this activity too!



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