Fun With Big and Little

Continuing on with our sorting projects, and going along with what Trevor’s working on in preschool right now (opposites), I thought we could have fun doing some work with Big and Little.  I gathered up big and little versions of stuff we had around the house. You could use whatever you want, but this is what I grabbed:

  • Cups
  • Blocks
  • Books
  • Donald Duck toys
  • Buzz Lightyear toys
  • Toy screwdrivers
  • Balls
  • Trucks
  • Dinosaurs
  • Tiger toys

Then I set the objects up in front of a big blanket and a little blanket and had him sort them by placing the big version of the items on the big blanket and the little version of the items on the little blanket.  It’s always easier to learn things if you get up and move.  The more parts of the brain you can access at once, the better.  Movement and learning go hand in hand.  Although Trevor’s strength is in visual learning, I always try and get him up and moving when we work on concepts too.


After he sorted the items he wanted to play with them.  While playing I decided to extend the activity by saying things like “I’m going to put the little Buzz on the little block, what are you going to do?”  or “My little dinosaur wants to read the little book, what does yours want to do?”  He then would go grab the big versions of the items and copy me.


How do you like working on opposites?


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