Marble Monster Fine Motor Activity


Since Trevor struggles with his fine motor skills I’ve really been trying to incorporate more fine motor activities into his playtime.  After watching the “Gulpy, Gulpy Gators” episode of Doc McStuffins, Trevor wanted to get his marbles out.  At first he played with the marbles on his Pool Noodle Marble Run, but that just wasn’t cutting it.  He wanted to feed his marbles to something just like on Doc!  So I grabbed the segment of pool noodle that was left over from creating the pool noodle marble run and turned it into a monster.  I cut teeth out of a white strip of cardstock and taped that around one end of the noodle.  (I also taped a piece of pink ribbon on the inside of the teeth for the tongue).  Then I hot glued some googly eyes to the pool noodle and used a Sharpie to draw on some eyebrows and a nose.

Trevor had a great time getting his monster to gulp up all of the marbles!  He was so excited about his gulpy monster that he had to show my niece when she came over the next day.  They played with it together and it turned out to be a great turn-taking activity.

Pool noodles are so versatile!  What fun activities have you done with a pool noodle?


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