A Day at the Beach

We went to the beach a couple weeks ago for the day and it was wonderful.  It is so amazing to see how far Trevor has come.  He was walking in the sand without any problem, bending down to pick up shells, and “writing” with sticks in the sand.  We found a nice quiet spot and it was so great just to see him play like a typical little kid at the beach.  His endurance still needs a lot of work, as he was completely worn out by the short time we were there.  As much as he wanted to play at the second beach we went to, he was just too tired to do it.  We enjoyed ice cream instead 😉

Paige did great on her first road trip.  She’s a good little traveler.  But she wasn’t too impressed by the windy beach.  I bounced and nursed her in her carrier and she calmed down though.  It will be fun to see both kids playing together on the beach soon!







I also made a Beach Memory Jar out of the rocks, shells, and sticks that Trevor collected on the beach.  He loves to pick stuff up and carry it home when we play outside!  I filled the bottom of a mason jar with a little sand, crushed up some of the broken shells and layered them next, then stuck pieces of sticks and the longer clam shells in next.  After screwing the lid back on I tied a ribbon around the top with a tag that says “First Beach Trip as a Family of Four”.  I hope to have many more memory jars around our house in the years to come!



One thought on “A Day at the Beach

  1. I love the idea of a memory jar. We went to the park as a family of four yesterday and my mild, easy-going baby did not like the wind at all. It’s the first time I’ve really heard her scream. 🙂

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