Sticky Tack and Sleepless Nights

It’s been a rough few days. I miss sleep. And my sanity.

Trevor ate sticky tack (the stuff you hang up posters with), dumped my water cup everywhere, dumped his milk cup multiple times, hit his sister, and then some. He has been mouthing objects again, touching EVERYTHING and covering his ears more frequently. I don’t know what sensory switch we hit, but I want it turned off! He has zero impulse control and is simultaneously seeking and avoiding like a madman.

Paige still sleeps like crap. Her little tummy is so sensitive. She is sensitive. It worries me that she may end up with SPD too. That thought terrifies me. I know I shouldn’t borrow worry from another day, but it’s hard not to.

Todd is working a new shift at work and it’s hard on the whole family. I know we’ll adjust, but right now…

Alright. Vent over. Time to lay the little girl down and hopefully get a little more rest! Fingers crossed. Here’s to today being better than yesterday!


2 thoughts on “Sticky Tack and Sleepless Nights

  1. Hugs. I know what you mean, about everything. Sleep, the ever-elusive goal. I was hoping Robin wouldn’t have tummy trouble, but we seem to be there again, although not as bad this time, I hope. And the SPD… I haven’t even wanted to think about that. I feel like since I had a complicated first child, I should have gotten a free pass for #2, but unfortunately maybe not. We’ll make it through though, right?

    • Thanks! I was hoping the same thing for both of us. Given the needs and complexities of our boys, our girls should be trouble free, right?! Sorry Robin’s having tummy trouble too.

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