Those Sneaky Leprechauns!

This year we made a Leprechaun Trap for St. Patrick’s Day.  I had never heard of the idea until this year, when it seemed to be everywhere on Pinterest.  I love doing things to make the holidays fun for my kids, no matter how big or small, so this idea is perfect!

I covered an old shoebox in white paper, then cut strips of paper in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple for the lid of the box.  Then I had Trevor work on color matching and decorate the rainbow lid with pom poms and stickers (a great way to sneak in some fine motor and bilateral coordination work too…cause I’m tricky like that!)


The night before St. Patrick’s Day I propped the lid open with a stick, adding a cup filled with gold coins inside to entice that leprechaun.  Trevor also set gold coins out around the outside of the trap too.


Then on St. Patrick’s Day when he woke up he discovered that the leprechaun (whom he named “Larry” because of a book they read at preschool) caused all sorts of mischief!  I turned our dining table chairs upside down, put cars on the couch “watching” TV, put slippers on top of shelves, throw pillows on top of bookshelves, and more.  I also left a gold coin in each spot that Larry the Leprechaun caused mischief.  And of course in true Trevor fashion, since he notices the smallest details, he thought Larry caused even more mischief than I intended.  Anything that had been moved while he was in bed he thought the leprechaun did!

Inside the box I painted green footprints, left a note from the leprechaun, and also put in a little present for him.  He was bummed we didn’t catch that sneaky leprechaun, but of course he enjoyed getting a little gift.  And he was laughing about “Larry getting into mischief” all day yesterday!  Hmm…maybe Trevor is a leprechaun too?


And even though she was super fussy, we couldn’t leave Miss Paige out of this St. Patrick’s Day post.  My little girl is getting so big!



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