The Green, Green Grass

Sometimes we forget that the most basic sensory experiences are the most valuable, and the most fun. We went to the park the other day and Paige just loved the grass. The look of wonder in her eyes was priceless. I loved seeing her little fingers explore the green blades.


And now that Trevor is getting stronger I’m realizing that he missed out on some of these basic experiences. He’s spending more time out of his braces and I’m learning just how sensitive his feet are. He has a major sensory defensiveness issue with his bare feet. So as Paige discovers some of these new, basic sensory experiences, I’m encouraging Trevor to try and enjoy them too.

Sometimes the simplest things are the best things.

Window Painting

One of the best ways to strengthen the small muscles in the hand is to encourage your child to work on vertical surfaces. To help Trevor with his fine motor skills I try hard to find fun ways to get him to use a vertical surface. This weekend it was nice outside so I thought we’d do some window painting.


I squirted some of his washable Crayola sidewalk paint onto a plate and let him go to town on our sliding glass patio door. He had tons of fun! After he was finished painting I gave him a spray bottle filled with water to squirt so he could help wash the paint away and do some more fun fine motor work.

Rocking It

I have to admit that I often leave Trevor’s therapy sessions feeling defeated. His struggles and differences are magnified. But today was different. He rocked OT today. And despite having a rough time at the beginning and at the end as well, all I see right now is a little boy who rocked it. He got on the Power Pumper car and blew both me and his OT away when he started pumping the car. All. By. Himself.

He was so proud of himself and had a blast. He kept wanting to “pick up friends”, so he pumped that car around the clinic, picking up beanie babies and other small toys. His OT kept running to get more things for him to collect because he wanted to keep going, something that never happens.


Today I want to celebrate my hard-working (and now very tired) boy. You are a rock star. And you have again reminded me that you will accomplish everything you need/want to, just in your own time. One day you will pedal a bike or trike. One day you will be able to dress and undress on your own. One day you will be able to use utensils properly and drink out of an open cup. One day you will be able to draw and write. All these things we work on, that frustrate me when you aren’t willing to even try, because you know they’re hard. Well one day you’ll do them. When you’re ready. Because you rock. I love you, Trevor.

Laundry Basket Rides

Laundry basket rides are a fun way to work on gross motor skills (core strengthening) and vestibular processing as well. Now that Paige is sitting well with support we’re doing a lot of sitting activities to help her develop that core strength so she can sit unassisted. Since laundry basket rides are one of Trevor’s favorite core strengthening activities I thought it would be fun for Paige to try it out too!


She loved it, as you can see from her smile 🙂 She enjoyed the slow and steady ride. Trevor, now that he’s stronger, likes going side to side, playing stop and go, and playing slow and fast in the laundry basket.

What everyday objects do your kids like to use as toys?

Sidewalk Chalk Counting


We had a great time playing outside the other day. Trevor was playing with his dump truck in the driveway and I decided to add a little learning activity into his outdoor fun. I drew a road out of sidewalk chalk and then added some numbers with touch points on them along the road. Trevor vroomed his dump truck along the road and made deliveries to the different numbers, counting out the right number of rocks at each stop.



He had a lot of fun!

Paige enjoyed her time outside too, once I created a little shade for her. She’s not a fan of sun in her eyes at all.