First and Last

My how you have grown this year, my son. You shot up like a weed! But not only did you grow in height, but in so many other ways as well. I want to celebrate that when you first started this school year you could barely make a mark with a crayon. Now you can scribble! (Or scribble scrabble as you call it). You are playing alongside your friends at school and are showing the world your imagination. You shocked me and your Dad both when you saw a picture of the American flag the other night and busted out reciting the Pledge of Allegiance! You want to be more independent and get so mad if anyone else puts your dirty dishes in the sink, lol. That is your JOB. But what I’m most thankful for this year is that you learned to say “I love you.” It makes me so incredibly happy when you give me a hug “because that will make you feel loved.” I can’t wait to see what the next year brings! I love you too, buddy.



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