The Inconsistent Blogger

I’ve been slacking on blogging again. As much as I love blogging, part of me sometimes wonders who I blog for. I’ll start a post and then will get interrupted (those darn kids, lol). Sometimes an unfinished post is good enough though. The process is what is important for me. And once that’s out of the way I’m often to lazy tired to complete the post.

I’ve also found a great love for Instagram. I love being able to take a photo and then instantly post what I’m thinking. So if you’re on IG, come follow me. My username is “mamac0912”.

I’m hoping the energy to blog comes back soon. But until life calms down with the kiddos I’m sure I’ll continue to be an inconsistent blogger.

Virtual Book Club: Garden Week

We had a great time participating in the Virtual Book Club again this week. Here are all of the Garden Week books we read and activities we did:

Monday: “Curious George Plants a Seed”

I filled a plastic tote with dirt and set out some shovels and play food for Trevor to bury. In the book George buries all sorts of things in the ground while learning about what does and does not grow, starting with the contents of the Man in the Yellow Hat’s kitchen. With the addition of water our activity quickly turned into a mud pie kitchen. It was a lot of fun.

image image image

Tuesday: “Rock It, Sock It, Number Line”

I drew a number line from 1 to 10 on our driveway in sidewalk chalk. Then I put a different vegetables on each number and set a soup pot filled with water at the end of the line. I invited Trevor to walk the line, picking up a vegetable and then putting it in the pot. We made veggie soup just like in the book. Walking a line is a great gross motor activity, and a skill Trevor has been working on in PT.



Wednesday: “Jack and the Beanstalk”

At preschool this year Trevor grew a little bean plant. I had planted it in a planter for him and we used that bean stalk as the basis for some Jack and the Beanstalk small world play. I also included Jack, his mom, the cow, the old man, beans, the giant, the hen, a gold egg, and a harp, as well as a Mega Blocks house for Jack and his mom and castle for the giant. This was by far Trevor’s favorite activity. He had so much fun playing Jack and the Beanstalk!



Thursday: “Let’s Plant a Garden”

We kept our activity simple. I filled up all sorts of containers with water (from watering cans to squirt guns to bowls) and put them in the garden. We watered plants, but mostly watered ourselves, lol 🙂




Friday: “Big Red Apple”

I drew an apple tree on some easel paper (with apples numbered 1 through 10). Then I cut an apple in half and set Trevor up with some red paint to do some apple printing. Although I thought it was a neat activity, Trevor was more interested in finishing painting as quickly as possible and sitting on the back step and eating an apple, lol 🙂




We’re looking forward to next week: Water Play! Hope you join in the book club fun too.


Stars and Stripes Ice Play

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July holiday! Given Trevor’s sensory processing difficulties, we skip the fireworks. But I wanted him to have a fun way to celebrate with a holiday activity he’d enjoy. So since he loves ice play, I made him a Stars and Stripes ice sensory bin.


I had two ice cube trays that make long ice cubes (I think they’re designed to make ice cubes for narrow-necked water bottles). I froze red-tinted water in one tray and blue-tinted water in the other. I also had a star-shaped ice cube tray. To make the white stars I mixed up some oobleck (also known as goop) and froze that. Trevor normally isn’t a fan of oobleck but he loved the texture of it when it was frozen. He kept calling them “creamy stars”. It was a great red, white, and blue activity!


At night I set him up with a red, white and blue glow stick bath. Every year we go to a local flea market that is set up just for the 4th of July. We found a pack of red, white, and blue glow sticks there. He had such a great time in his “American bath” as he called it, lol.


Happy 4th of July from our family to yours!



Glow Stick Baths

This is such a fun sensory play idea! A friend of mine did a glow stick bath for her son and it looked like he had a blast.  I knew Trevor would love it.  All you do is activate a couple of glow sticks and toss them in the tub.


He asks for glow stick baths all of the time now. And it’s amazing how much better his communication skills become when we do multi-sensory play like this (tactile- water and visual- glow sticks).


We also had a “baby rave” as I called it the other day. I turned on some toddler tunes, the color-changing fiber optic light we have and gave Trevor some glow sticks and Paige a light-up baby toy. I also turned the bubble machine on. Trevor enjoyed it of course, but I was surprised how much Paige loved it too!


What fun ways do you play with glow sticks?

Painting With Water

This is another fun activity that encourages working on vertical surfaces. Working on vertical surfaces is a great way to build the muscles required for writing. Given Trevor’s fine motor delay I try and find ample opportunities for him to play on vertical surfaces.

All I you need is water, a paint tray, and a roller. Then let your little one go to town and paint the house! Trevor painted our garage as well as his playhouse (plus the ground, rocks, and himself, lol).



We also did this same paint with water activity a few weeks ago. That time we just used a bucket of water and some brushes and small foam rollers. He enjoyed painting our fence that time too.