Glow Stick Baths

This is such a fun sensory play idea! A friend of mine did a glow stick bath for her son and it looked like he had a blast.  I knew Trevor would love it.  All you do is activate a couple of glow sticks and toss them in the tub.


He asks for glow stick baths all of the time now. And it’s amazing how much better his communication skills become when we do multi-sensory play like this (tactile- water and visual- glow sticks).


We also had a “baby rave” as I called it the other day. I turned on some toddler tunes, the color-changing fiber optic light we have and gave Trevor some glow sticks and Paige a light-up baby toy. I also turned the bubble machine on. Trevor enjoyed it of course, but I was surprised how much Paige loved it too!


What fun ways do you play with glow sticks?

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