4th Birthday!

Trevor is 4! I can’t believe my little man is growing up so fast. Given his sensory issues we usually avoid parties, but he requested one this year so we had a small one. He did great! He even blew out his birthday candle all by himself.

Before his party I took him with me to the party section at our local store to see if he would help pick out decorations. The only thing that caught his eye was a minion piñata. Even though he’d never seen the movie “Despicable Me”, his heart was set on a minion party. Silly boy! The only minion party decoration in the whole store was that piñata, so I ended up making all of the other decorations. I made cardboard tube minions, a minion balloon holder, signs, a banner, cake toppers and two centerpieces. It was a lot of work, but so worth it. He absolutely loved looking at all of the decorations and he still plays with some of them a week later.








We had the party two days before his birthday, and then on his birthday we had a special family day to celebrate. His request was to go to the aquarium and see the starfish and the seals but not the scary spiky fish, lol. We also played on the beach afterward. It was a great day (except for an unfortunate bee sting to the face. Poor kiddo!)












2 thoughts on “4th Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday, Trevor! Wow, he’s really grown. How could our babies be turning 4! My son will be four in October. I think just a small party is a good idea and a family day on his actual birthday. I think one of the best things about blogging is looking back and seeing how much they’ve changed in a year (and stayed the same).

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