DIY Sound Blocks

Paige loves to explore. But since she still mouths everything I wanted to find a way for her to safely explore objects that would be unsafe for her otherwise. I had saved a bunch of her baby food containers and thought they’d be the perfect containers to create these Sound Blocks for her. They’re designed to stack, so they work great as blocks.

I raided Trevor’s sensory bin materials, as well as some craft supplies, to find things to put in the containers. Once filled up with a material I hot glued the lids shut so they wouldn’t open up. This was such a simple activity to set up, and Paige just loves her Sound Blocks. Even Trevor has been playing with them.

The eight blocks I made were filled with rice, beans, pasta, birdseed, shells, pea gravel, beads, and colored gems. You could use any materials you have on hand though that you feel would make a neat noise when shaken. I think next I’d like to make one with bells inside!




So far the containers have held up to being knocked over, thrown around, shaken, and mouthed. But of course make sure you supervise your little one while playing with any small object or homemade toy šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “DIY Sound Blocks

  1. I absolutely love these! So happy to find you via Teach Preschool’s FB page. I pinned this and am liking you on FB as well. Looking forward to browsing through your blog some more.

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