Treasure Basket for Teething Babies

Paige has been having the worst time teething lately. She is up off and on throughout the night and all she wants to do is rock and nurse. Teething is so miserable, for both baby and mommy!

After another exhausting night (and cranky morning) I decided to make her a treasure basket specifically full of things to chew on. All her treasure baskets are full of items that are safe for her to mouth of course, but I wanted one that was full of different textures in hopes that she (and I) would find some relief.


I included some traditional baby teething toys, as well as two cold washcloths (one smooth and one textured), a towel knotted around an ice cube, a mesh feeder filled with frozen carrots, a spoon, a spatula, and some of Trevor’s old Chewy Tubes. If there is a silver lining to Sensory Processing Disorder, it’s those Chewy Tubes. Not only were they great at redirecting Trevor’s inappropriate mouthing, but they make awesome teethers. Paige loves this treasure basket and was actually smiling and laughing while exploring it.


The two items she kept going back to most were the mesh feeder and the red Super Chew tube. It was nice that she was finally able to find the right object to give her some relief!


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