Turkey Baster Bathtub Play

In an effort to improve Trevor’s grip strength and grasp I’ve been trying to add in some fun fine motor activities to our daily play. Lately he’s been having a lot of fun with a turkey baster that I picked up at the Dollar Tree. I thought I’d share three of the fun activities with you:

1) Washing Off Name/Words Written in Foam Soap


2) Filling Up a Cup


3) Mixing Colors



Glowing Fall Sensory Bin

We have been doing lots of Fall themed play around here. I just made this great new sensory bin for Trevor the other day and he had so much fun with it.

I filled up our bin with our black light-responsive rice (dyed with neon paint instead of the normal food coloring). Then I made a “tree” out of a paper towel roll, neon duct tape, and pipe cleaners. I cut leaf shapes out of neon paper, laminated them for extra durability, and used a hole puncher to punch a hole in the middle of them. Trevor got to do some fun, Fall-themed lacing work while lit up with a black light!


I also painted some fake pumpkins and squash that I picked up at a discount store with the neon paint too and included them in the bin as well. He had fun lacing the leaves on the tree and “watering” it with the rice. This was a great fine motor and sensory activity!