Advent Calendar Activities 6 – 10

Here are another five fun Christmas activities we’ve enjoyed this year:

Day 6: Decorate a Window Crayon Tree with Foam Shape Ornaments

This is probably my favorite activity we’ve done so far. I drew a Christmas tree with window crayons on the outside of our sliding glass door. I also cut circles, triangles, and squares out of craft foam for Trevor to use as ornaments. I then gave him a spray bottle of water to spray on the image of the tree so that the foam would stick to the glass. He had a lot of fun decorating his tree. Spray bottles are excellent fine motor work too šŸ™‚


Day 7: Make Salt Dough Ornaments

We make salt dough ornaments every year, and so of course we had to continue with the tradition. This is the recipe we use. This year Trevor chose to only use the penguin cookie cutter (to make Chinstrap penguins he told me), and the reindeer cookie cutter so that he could make all of Santa’s reindeer. He didn’t want to paint the ornaments once they were baked, but he’s been having fun playing with them plain. The penguins have been looking for the South Pole šŸ™‚


Paige enjoyed making the salt dough ornaments too, lol šŸ™‚


Day 8: Play With Snowflakes on the Light Table

I picked up a 10 pack of plastic snowflake ornaments at the Dollar Tree and set those out on the light table, along with snowflake gel window clings and a light-up snowman decoration I found on clearance. We made snowflake sandwiches and did snowflake dances.


Day 9: Play With a North Pole Toothpick Village

I saw some toothpick and styrofoam Christmas activities floating around on Pinterest and put my own spin in it for Trevor. I simply did a quick Google image search for Santa’s workshop clip art, printed some figures out, cut around them, and then laminated them. I then cut the laminated figures out and taped them to the toothpicks. Easy peasy! I had saved a sheet of styrofoam from a package just for an activity like this. Trevor used the styrofoam as snow and had a great time sticking the toothpick figures in it and creating different scenes. I just love how much his imagination has grown! He had such a blast with this activity, I see a lot more toothpick and styrofoam small world play in our future. This too is great at building those fine motor skills.


Day 10: Make a Christmas Tree Lacing Ornament

I really like a lot of the ornaments they do over at Happy Hooligans and was inspired to create Trevor a lacing tree. I simply cut a triangle out of green construction paper, laminated it, then used my hole punch to punch some holes in it. I cut a strand of red yarn and a strand of white yarn for him to lace with. I made needles for him out of pipe cleaners. He struggled a little with this activity, but stuck with it. I was proud of him for that!



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