All Natural Chocolate Slime

When I saw this new Borax-free slime recipe on Pinterest from Blog Me Mom, I knew I had to try it. Trevor enjoys slime, but I’m not super comfortable letting him play with it. I loved that this recipe used an edible, all natural ingredient as it’s base. But given the fact that he’s sensitive to artificial food dyes, I’ve also been looking for ways to make our sensory activities dye-free as well. The original recipe contained food dye and I wanted to find a substitute for that. Since the kids both loved the hot chocolate cloud dough we made, I figured the perfect way to make this slime recipe all natural was to dye and scent it with cocoa powder!


To make it, all you need is psyllium fiber (found near the Metamucil), cocoa powder, and water. Combine 1 tablespoon psyllium powder, 1 tablespoon cocoa powder, and 1 cup of water in a very large, microwave-safe glass bowl. Cook on high for about five minutes, or until your desired texture is reached (ours took nearly six minutes to cook). It does bubble up a lot, so make sure you keep a close eye on it and stop the microwave before it bubbles over. When it settles back down you just start the microwave back up again. After it’s cooked, stir it well and make sure it cools a little before giving it to your kids, as it’s obviously hot from the microwave. Then let them play away! And know that the ingredients are all natural and safe for them 🙂

Trevor enjoyed pulling it apart:


And delivering chocolates from “Hershey, Pennsylvania to Washington state” on his toy train and truck. He loves geography and learning facts about states.


The reason why I want something all natural and edible for the kids to use in play:


Paige also had a great time with the slime:


We had fun pretending to mix up our batch of chocolate together:


Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough

We were hit by a big winter storm this past week. We got nearly a foot of snow! That is crazy for where we live, since we usually only get a dusting. We had our fun sledding, hanging out in snow caves and building a snowman, but our family is a little over the snow now. To combat the chilly, frozen outdoors I was inspired to create some Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough for Paige (and later, Trevor) to explore.

Typically with cloud dough you mix 8 parts flour to 1 part oil. For this recipe I started by mixing together 3 1/2 cups flour, 1/2 cup cocoa, and 1/2 cup oil. I decided it needed to be a little more chocolatey, so I added approximately another 1/2 cup cocoa and a few more tablespoons oil. Cloud dough is super forgiving. If it’s too dry you just add more oil, and if it’s too wet you just add more flour!


Paige enjoyed eating playing with this Hot Chocolate Cloud Dough 🙂


And apparently chicken legs go well with cocoa, because she toddled over to her play kitchen and brought back this play food drumstick, haha.


This cloud dough recipe was actually less messy than your typical flour and oil recipe. Usually the cloud dough gets EVERYWHERE, but even with her walking around the kitchen it didn’t make that big of a mess. The cocoa must absorb oil a little better than the flour does. I may have to look into tweaking our regular cloud dough recipe to help with the mess!

Do your kids enjoy cloud dough?

A Little Fine Motor LOVE

Yes, I am the worst blogger in the history of the planet ;). What can I say, as much as I love to blog, life is busy! So after a two month hiatus I’m back…maybe.

Since Trevor loved the Winter Toothpick Village we did in December, I wanted to create a similar activity for Valentine’s day. I picked up a pack of heart-shaped toothpicks at the Dollar Tree and wrote the word “love” on a piece of styrofoam I’d saved from a package. Each letter corresponded to a toothpick color so we could work on color matching too. I deliberately set the toothpicks out so that he’d have to cross midline to get the correct color. This is a skill he struggles with.


Before we started I helped him trace the letters with his finger. Just tracing letters in styrofoam is a great tactile learning activity! Trevor really enjoyed poking the toothpicks in the styrofoam.


He also decided to let them have a “party” and just went about poking handfuls into the styrofoam in any order. His imagination is really blossoming!


It looked pretty cool when it was finished too!


I hope your little ones enjoy this fine motor activity too!