Tic Tac Drop

This is a simple, DIY fine motor activity to work on the pincer grasp. Trevor’s school OT sent home a list of activities for us to work on, and I’m going to try and share some of them on the blog. But as anyone who reads this blog knows (if there are any of you still out there, lol), life is busy and this blog takes the backseat to everything else. I always love finding new activities online though so hopefully I’ll do a better job at blogging these ideas 🙂

What you need:

* 3 larger straws
* Empty Parmesan cheese shaker container (we use this a lot)
* Tape
* Tic Tacs

How to make it:

The only guidance I had on this was “drop Tic Tacs down a straw”. So if you don’t have the above materials on hand I’m sure you could come up with a different way to achieve the same result :). I took three straws, taped them together near the middle with duct tape, and then inserted them into the parmesan cheese shaker lid. Then I screwed the lid back on and set it next to a container filled with 20 Tic Tacs.


We counted the Tic Tacs as he dropped them in, both to work on counting skills and because it helps distract him a little from the difficulty he has with his pincer grasp. I loved that he was forced to use his pincer grasp with this activity. We’ve dropped other objects down straws or the Parmesan cheese shaker holes before, but they were longer and he could cheat on his grip. There’s no room to cheat using Tic Tacs!