Math Invitation: Fractions

I love the concept of setting up “invitations” for my kids to discover and explore.  Usually these are related to art or sensory projects, but they work well for math or literacy too. 

I set up a math invitation every morning for Trevor, and a fine motor invitation every afternoon. He craves routine, and so these set invitations work well for him. Plus, it gives me some free time while he does independent work.

For this invitation I set out two bowls, each containing a fraction circle. Below the bowls I set out cards with the fractions he’s to make himself. And finally, at the bottom of the setting are two blank circles for him to fill in with the fractions shown on the cards.

You can find the free fraction flash cards here:

The fraction circles you can buy here:

(The two bottom “fill in” circles I cut out of craft foam myself. You could also simply trace circles on a piece of cardstock or paper.)