Rocking It

I have to admit that I often leave Trevor’s therapy sessions feeling defeated. His struggles and differences are magnified. But today was different. He rocked OT today. And despite having a rough time at the beginning and at the end as well, all I see right now is a little boy who rocked it. He got on the Power Pumper car and blew both me and his OT away when he started pumping the car. All. By. Himself.

He was so proud of himself and had a blast. He kept wanting to “pick up friends”, so he pumped that car around the clinic, picking up beanie babies and other small toys. His OT kept running to get more things for him to collect because he wanted to keep going, something that never happens.


Today I want to celebrate my hard-working (and now very tired) boy. You are a rock star. And you have again reminded me that you will accomplish everything you need/want to, just in your own time. One day you will pedal a bike or trike. One day you will be able to dress and undress on your own. One day you will be able to use utensils properly and drink out of an open cup. One day you will be able to draw and write. All these things we work on, that frustrate me when you aren’t willing to even try, because you know they’re hard. Well one day you’ll do them. When you’re ready. Because you rock. I love you, Trevor.