Recycled Fruit Box Fine Motor

I love using recycled materials for our fine motor activities.  I have the hardest time trashing or recycling something before reusing it!  I was going to recycle the cardboard box that our delicious local summer fruit comes in, when I noticed the air holes on the bottom.  I knew they’d be the perfect size for some fine motor work 🙂


I flipped the box upside down and presented that along with a bowl of marbles for Trevor to balance in the holes.  It was a great way to work on his pincer grasp and hand control.


Our activity table is a five dollar garage sale find, so it has a slight slant.  We ended up moving the activity to the floor to get a more supportive surface for the box.


This was a fun, frugal fine motor activity.  What materials do you love to upcycle?

Therapy Thursday: Parmesan Cheese Shaker Fine Motor Activity

I love finding ways to re-purpose what I’d normally throw out.  Therapy products can be very expensive, so it’s great when trash gets a new life as a therapy tool.  I cleaned out an empty Parmesan Cheese Shaker and turned it into a fine motor activity for Trevor.

What You Need:

  • Parmesan Cheese Shaker
  • Straws

How To Make It:

  1. Wash your used Parmesan Cheese Shaker and remove the label.
  2. Cut up colored straws into pieces (I cut them into fourths).
  3. Have child insert colored straws into holes in the lid of the container.

This is an awesome fine motor activity, as well as a way to work on colors and counting.  I’ve seen this activity done with toothpicks as well, but I definitely don’t trust my 2-year-old with sharp objects.  However, if you trust your child with toothpicks they can be substituted for the straws.

Trevor has a lot of fun with this.  He also enjoys dumping the straws out of the container or shaking it like a musical instrument.