When we were teaching Trevor to stand we did this same sit to stand to sit activity.  It  helped him a lot.  Since his recent growth spurt he’s really tightened up and we’ve gone back to doing some of our older gross motor activities to help stretch out his tight muscles.  He’s lost some range of motion recently and so we’re hoping that by focusing on building leg strength and stretching his tight muscles he can reacquire the skills he’s lost.

You can do this activity with a small chair like we used (borrowed from his EI teacher), or simply use a sturdy box (like we used before we were able to borrow this nice chair).  Trevor’s doing this activity at his easel now, but before we had the easel I used painter’s tape to tape the paper to a wall for him.

This activity is just like it sounds: sit, stand, sit.  Repeat.  Have the child sit in a sturdy chair, or on a box.  Then have the child stand up to reach a sticker (if they need to pull up to stand that is just fine).  Give them the sticker to put on the paper, then sit back down.  Repeat until you’re out of stickers or your child is bored.  Trevor loves stickers.  They are a huge motivator for him, so we did this activity for quite awhile.  It’s always great when you can focus on a skill and have tons of fun at the same time.

Standing up:



Sitting back down:



Having a great time putting stickers on the paper: