Throw Pillow Toss

One thing Trevor’s been working on in PT lately are his ball skills.  In talking with his school PT recently I discovered he’s been a little resistant to working on throwing and kicking with her.  To participate he needs tons of prompting, praise, and still he prefers to just watch his friends play.  He really isn’t into playing with balls at home either.  The kid just doesn’t want to try things that are difficult for him right now.  Three-year-olds sure have minds of their own!

So I decided to take the whole ball part out of the ball skills equation and trick him into get him working on those same skills in a fun way 😉  I gathered up a bunch of throw pillows from our guest bed and we had a Throw Pillow Toss.  Pillows are a great way to work on throwing and catching because they’re soft, lightweight, and small.  They don’t hurt when they hit you, and of course squishing the pillows is a lot of fun too.


What fun and creative ways have you come up with to work on those skills your kids just don’t want to practice?